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**About This Community**

This community is a community that is full of contests and awards. Each week we will have a topic, and you will place your picture/words/whatever we ask for into the community and we will vote on who has the best. Just message the maintainers if you have a question.


Yeah, it's offical- Rules Suck, but hell- we gotta have them.

  1. Livejournal Cut for big images. Sometimes it takes a long time for some peoples computers, so hey- lets be considerate. <*lj-cut*> PLACE URL/WORDS HERE <*/lj-cut*> Make sure to take the stars out.

  2.  Don't be a bitch.

  3.  Warn people whats under the cut. just in case.

  4.  You might need a camera to post in this comm. if not dont worry you just can't enter that week.

  5. You can win as many times as possible! Just enter!

  6.  No community whoring if you dont post. but you can just put it under a cut!

  7. Do not pick the same choice as another member, if you do and did not see the past post we will inform you and ask you to change your choice, if not your entry will be invalid/deleted.

**This Weeks Contest**

Best place to have sex!
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**Our Winners! Congratulations!**

Favorite 80's movie winner: just_for_spite

Favorite Vacation spot winner: sum41chica

Best Word winner:



Favorite Celebrity winner: daydreamzx's Johnny Depp

Favorite Chick Flick winner: skylamae's Pretty Woman

Best Place To Have Sex winner:

It's always fun to whore and piss people off right? So let's do it! Come on whore for us!


lushx_ -*main maintaner* posts contests, updates etc..
oxoalicat- in charge of graphics and awards
noellelizbeth - poll maker!
ratherbewrong- were not sure what she does..